Air-oil pressure intensifier

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Air-oil pressure intensifier

"MPO" series air-oil booster is a device made up of a pneumatic cylinder the rod of which acts directly on the oil in the high pressure chamber, raising pressure to a value of over 200 bar. The single-action versions pressurise oil volumes of 25 cc with a compression ratio of 30:1, or 50 cc volumes with a ratio of 25:1. For different volumes or compression ratios please contact our technical service. Boosters are supplied with machine attachment feet as standard; an external oil tank, pressure gauge and pressure switch can be supplied on request.

Order codes
M P 0 . 2 5 . S
1 2 3
1 Series
Air-oil pressure intensifier
2 Typology
25 Pressure ratio 25:1
30 Pressure ratio 30:1
3 Version
S Single-acting
D Double-acting


Code example
Air-oil booster with pressure-ratio 30:1 single acting.