Band rodless cylinders

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Band rodless cylinders

SS band rodless cylinders are realized with a carriage that it mouve along their body. It’s most important caracteristics are compactness (about half then a simple effect cylinder), big stroke, it included no rotating system, the thrust force is the same that the traction force.
The geometric characteristics ball bearing guide and the slide guide of this cylinder allow to mouve big loads in all direction with stroke very long.
It’s available in bore 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 and all the stroke till 5700mm. In standard version it’s available with sensor switch.

Order codes
SS B . 0 1 6 . 0 1 0 0 . F 4
1 2 3 4 5
1 Series
SS Band rodless cylinder
2 Version
B Standard cylinder
P Slide bearing linear guide (Ø32; 40; 50; 63)
E Heavy duty ball bearing linear guide (Ø25; 32; 40; 50)
3 Bore
Ø 16•25•32•40•50•63 mm
4 Standard stroke
Ø16 max 4400 mm / Ø25 ÷ 63 max 5700 mm
5 Variants - standard with adjustable pneumatic cushioning front and rear
F4 Screws: AISI 304
GV All seals: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150 °C)
CT Ports on just one end cup (SSB 40/50/63 - SSP 40/50/63 - SSE 40/50)


Code example
Standard band rodless cylinder, bore Ø50, stroke 1200mm and fluorine rubber.


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